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10 Outfits I Didn't Post Last Month

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So little Time and so many things to wear - here is most of what I couldn't post last month. I dress different every day and this summary turned out quite colourful and eclectic. From horse girl to space chick, there isn't much I wouldn't wear.

Connect The Dots

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My new vintage bargain -  a super cute dotted silk blouse with pussy bow - turned out to be my friend's new carpet's soulmate. Who says you can't find anything good in IKEA's kids department? That's where they hide the fun stuff! Fluffy crown to top it off and tadaa I'm 7 again. Somehow I now want to play Twister.

RAW Horizons

A while ago we had a photography project at university about horizons. We were able to do with that topic whatever we liked. I thought about horizons in a city like Berlin, about perspectives in life and about how buildings, the city itself, are blocking your view. I’ve spent a few minutes wandering around the so called RAW-Gelände which is right at the Revaler Strasse– it’s known for its bars and night life. It’s one of the last alternative remains in the center of Berlin, full of graffiti, trash and empty beer bottles. A little bit dirt, a little bit of Berlin’s true heart. There you can find some clubs which have settled in the old, postindustrial buildings. This place has a certain spirit I tried to capture. Mostly I took pictures of fences. I wrote some oh so poetic text about amusement and decay and in that sense questioned my own life style to go along with it and got the best mark. I only used the pictures which show the buildings, not the ones with me in them. 

3 Ways To Make Your Home Look Shabby-Chic

When it comes to interior design, shabby-chic definitely is one of my favourite styles. There's just something about furniture that looks like it's nearly falling apart and already could have belonged to the ancestors you only know from crumpled black-and-white pictures. The good news are that it's not really falling apart. The even better news are that you can't even ruin you shabby-chic kitchen table by accidently scratching off the paint while you're looking for the fridge in the dark at 4am, because you woke up and decided that now was to right time for a late-night sandwich. You would actually make your table even shabby-chicer.

There is more than just one way to add a bit of shabby-chic to your home. I've created three collages of my favourite styles: Dark&Rustic, Light&Easy and 60s Pop inspired. I found most of the furniture on Pharao24* - a German interior design shop which is definitely worth a visit!

My Winter Gear

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This Asos coat with brushed, heavy wool brought me through the winter for just 70€ instead of the 140€ pre-sale: Yeay! For even more comfy warmth I added a Monki fleece jacket and either my striped fake fur scarf or my black&white checkered scarf. I don’t remember wearing much else actually. There’s a little tragic story about this fake fur scarf: I was really, really, badly craving for it, but any time of the 3 times I ordered it, they told me one day later that it went out of stock and they had to cancel my order. So my boyfriend tried to order it secretly and it surprisingly worked for him. Even more surprisingly, it worked for me too, the 4th time I’ve tried it (never give up on someone you love, ha). It was a thrilling race of two postmen I didn’t even know about until my doorbell rang: Mine was the winner. Bad luck for my boyfriend who wanted to surprise me but good luck for me either way. I’m happy with my scarf. I also sewed a big button on it to make it easier to wear over one shoulder.

What's The Dresscode Of A Modern Society? : New Work Style Kisura + Microsoft Workshop

This post is so late, I could basically wish you a merry Christmas at the same time, but I was super busy writing my exams and moving to Bangkok. So from my new apartment between palm trees and my pool (oh my god my apartment complex has a pool) I’m writing this very belated post about a very cool event back in cold ass Berlin: the Kisura + Microsoft new work style event. For all of you who might not know: Kisura is a German online style counselling website where your own stylist puts together a box with different outfits for you – individually matched with your requests and for free.

Bloggers and stylists got together, got spoiled with delicious vegan finger food, discussed the new demands of today’s job and finally got to get creative and shoot our own interpretation of future office looks. Not online the creative industry is undergoing a change: Old, hierarchical structures are loosening up, work is getting more versatile and outfits are adapting to a new lifestyle that celebrates freedom, creative new ways to define work and modern living situations. Today’s companies show a change that has to be transferred onto fashion. Who used to put on a pencil skirt and a blazer, went to work and sat at the desk all day long, may today combine a pair of pants with a loud print with a blouse and sneakers. Why? To not only express that creative thinking also means creative dressing, but even more to be ready for just about everything. You might spend the day at your desk, but you might also have a meeting, followed by a lunch with your investors and a cocktail party in the evening. 

Super Late FW Berlin Post + Outfit

The Mercedes Benz fashion week Berlin was 2 weeks ago and you could say I’m a bit late with my post about it. That’s because the lovely Academy of fashion and design which I attend scheduled our exam weeks at the same time as the fashion week takes place. I managed to see two shows and went to one party (Cropped Magazine), even though I was invited to more. Pearly Wong sported some edgy dark looks which rather were extreme street styles than high fashion – but it was perfect for Berlin, somewhat underground. Nian (men’s fashion) created some looks which looked like a fusion of lumberjacks and priests. It was fun seeing what was going on in the big tent, but I don’t get what the fuss is all about. Berlin really isn’t a place for big glamour, even though the people there obviously tried hard to make each other think that. I wish they would focus on giving unknown talented designers a place to prove themselves instead of pretending Berlin suddenly turned into New York and every wannabe babe suddenly turned into Anna Wintour for one week.


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I know somewhere out there exists this "black and blue don't go together" - rule but like most fashion rules I choose to ignore it. The knitted collar isn't a part of the dress, it's a piece for itself. And no, my grandma did not get bored halfway through knitting, I discovered this collar on I had never seen anything like it before and it only was about 5€ anyway. I think it's a cool and fun alternative to scarfs and would look great with a white blouse as well. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the edgiest! I've never seen anyone selling a plain collar, but hey why not?
The dress is from Trendyfine - you gotta love this simple design and the front slit.

11 Outfits I Didn't Post In 2014

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Stretch your index finger, contract your index finger, stretch, contract, stretch.. I just thought you might want to do some stretching exercises before you have to scroll through this extremely long post. I don’t want you to strain a muscle. Here come 11 looks I didn’t post in 2014 which means a lot of picture material is ahead. I have no idea how other bloggers manage posting one look a day! I’m always far behind with my posts and still have about 20 in the waiting queue and another 20 ideas for new posts in my head. All I lack is time. How do you manage that? Did all of you borrow Hermoine’s time turner? I can consider myself lucky when I have time to cook pasta instead of gorging some toast real fast. Uploading outfits more often than once or twice a week is absolutely impossible. My everyday life is so so stressful. I’m going to university, I’m working at a stylist’s office AND I have a very busy private life. I’d always choose a night out over homework or blogging. But no regrets, one fun night is worth more than 100 anonymous followers anyway.

Going To Prom With Myself

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Okay, my prom is already over but if it was still ahead and I hadn’t found a date in time I could definitely play the double role dressed like this. One me in that mermaid dress and the other me in that elegant overall for the masculine part. I would make the most awesome lesbian couple.

I was wearing this dress when I attended an elegant birthday event with my family. Right after I spontaneously went to some kind of wild home party at the other end of the town where I already looked.. let’s say “a bit out of place” next to the punks who organized it. A friend of mine lent me his XXXL sneakers because me feet hurt – I’m not really used to high heels.  Fancy like that we went to a club here in Berlin. I didn’t even bother putting on my wedges in front of the bouncers, I don’t know why but they actually let me in like that.