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4 Looks With A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the secret heroes of the autumn jackets: They are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, you can combine them with nearly anything and you will always look good wearing one. Since it’s slowly time to think about what you could put on top of your tiny summer wear to not catch a cold in the changing weather – why not grab the black all-rounder? I was looking for a cool leather jacket with a bit of rock-chic and found a perfect piece from the brand Vila (you can get it here). As a little inspiration I put together 4 very different outfits with the jacket which I would all love to wear:

Nightwear Into Day Wear

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I never thought it would happen but: I have a fabric crush. I love satin! Tops, pants, dresses – this sleek look simply pulls it off. You could show me anything made of satin and I would probably love it. Satin will always look a bit like nightwear but that makes it kinda sexy. This dress is from Motel and because it has such a low-cut back I decided to wear a white t-shirt underneath. First I thought midi-length was cool but I spontaneously let it get shortened last week haha. The outfit is super 90s on purpose, next time I’ll probably wear the dress with a big fat leather jacket and boots.

Gentleman’s Club

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The jumpsuit-hat combination kind of looks like a boyfriend style suit up look – if it wasn’t for the high wedges and the girly top. Oh and I'm not wearing any make-up. Thankfully there's Photoshop.

1000 And One Playsuits

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Sorry for the lame pun. My new super short playsuit has this cool oriental pattern on it (it’s not too short though, it has exactly the right length to cover it all up). If Aladdin and Yasmine were wearing playsuits they would pick this one for sure.

Maxi Love For Maxi Dresses

The days are getting colder and the sleeves are getting longer – summer tops will soon have to wait patiently in the closet until next year. But we still have some time left to pull off our summer dresses and especially the ones with maxi length should have another entry. One of my all time favourite dresses is a bandeau maxi dress with allover print and I will probably wear it until its hem is hanging in snow. And because maxi dresses are the best dresses for the end of the summer, I wanted to show you my 4 top picks from online shops:

4 Cute Festival Nail Designs

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Summer is the season of festivals – and when everyone is partying why shouldn’t your nails? I feel like every 10 seconds an event pops up on my facebook newsfeed telling me about this and that festival. I wish I had time for all of those!
My festival nail designs this summer are colourful, glittery and flowery:

Gym Motivation: 3 Sport Looks For Summer

First off: I'm no sporting ace, I have to admit that. I wish I was, but everytime I try playing beach volley or going skiing I end up tumbling in the sand (or snow), crying in despair over my own inability and going home looking like someone beat me up badly. But I want to encourage myself to at least go to the gym or for a run more often (where there is no evil sand or snow). I figured the best way to do so would be by doing some online shopping, which is a more pleasant activity anyway, haha. And showing off my new sport outfit actually is the best motivation for me!
I don’t like doing sports in old worn out clothes – I will sweat like hell so at least my clothes should look nice when my make up gave up long ago. Sure, you have to dress as comfortable as possible, but there is still much room for a bit of styling and matching. So here come my top 3 hopefully motivating sport looks, which look great in theory:

Cute Animal Print Socks To Pimp Your Feet

Cute socks are my more or less secret passion – now I put together some of my favourites from a few online shops. So when you’re looking for a replacement for your holey tennis socks of which one somehow got lost in the washing machine, have a look at the shops Monki, Asos and Topshop. Pug, Mouse, they have it all, but the one I liked best are these fancy rabbits:

Black&White Double Double

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Double leather? Check! Double net? Double check! I usually prefer bright colours but when you limit the colours to black and white (basically none) then it’s fun to play with textures instead. I’m wearing a leather cap and a leather pinafore dress plus a net top and net socks – and if my choker counts, then I’m wearing some velvet too. It turned out looking kind of strict and playful. But hey, I don’t think that’s a contradiction!

4 Casual Summer Looks With A Pearl Necklace

Sometimes I like my outfits colourful, sometimes I like them a bit trashy, but sometimes I like them classy. And which accessory makes everything look classy (okay, everything but pink leopard print tops)? Right, a real pearl necklace. I actually think that a pretty pearl necklace should be one of the essentials in a true lady’s wardrobe – and those things last forever. If you don’t want to wait for beloved family members to pass away and bequest you one, you can choose the tearless and fast way and go buy one yourself. Online I found a necklace made of white shell based pearls (click). If that’s not enough you can also get a necklace made of real pearls at the same online shop too (if you have the coin$).