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4 Cute Festival Nail Designs

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Summer is the season of festivals – and when everyone is partying why shouldn’t your nails? I feel like every 10 seconds an event pops up on my facebook newsfeed telling me about this and that festival. I wish I had time for all of those!
My festival nail designs this summer are colourful, glittery and flowery:

Gym Motivation: 3 Sport Looks For Summer

First off: I'm no sporting ace, I have to admit that. I wish I was, but everytime I try playing beach volley or going skiing I end up tumbling in the sand (or snow), crying in despair over my own inability and going home looking like someone beat me up badly. But I want to encourage myself to at least go to the gym or for a run more often (where there is no evil sand or snow). I figured the best way to do so would be by doing some online shopping, which is a more pleasant activity anyway, haha. And showing off my new sport outfit actually is the best motivation for me!
I don’t like doing sports in old worn out clothes – I will sweat like hell so at least my clothes should look nice when my make up gave up long ago. Sure, you have to dress as comfortable as possible, but there is still much room for a bit of styling and matching. So here come my top 3 hopefully motivating sport looks, which look great in theory:

Cute Animal Print Socks To Pimp Your Feet

Cute socks are my more or less secret passion – now I put together some of my favourites from a few online shops. So when you’re looking for a replacement for your holey tennis socks of which one somehow got lost in the washing machine, have a look at the shops Monki, Asos and Topshop. Pug, Mouse, they have it all, but the one I liked best are these fancy rabbits:

Black&White Double Double

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Double leather? Check! Double net? Double check! I usually prefer bright colours but when you limit the colours to black and white (basically none) then it’s fun to play with textures instead. I’m wearing a leather cap and a leather pinafore dress plus a net top and net socks – and if my choker counts, then I’m wearing some velvet too. It turned out looking kind of strict and playful. But hey, I don’t think that’s a contradiction!

4 Casual Summer Looks With A Pearl Necklace

Sometimes I like my outfits colourful, sometimes I like them a bit trashy, but sometimes I like them classy. And which accessory makes everything look classy (okay, everything but pink leopard print tops)? Right, a real pearl necklace. I actually think that a pretty pearl necklace should be one of the essentials in a true lady’s wardrobe – and those things last forever. If you don’t want to wait for beloved family members to pass away and bequest you one, you can choose the tearless and fast way and go buy one yourself. Online I found a necklace made of white shell based pearls (click). If that’s not enough you can also get a necklace made of real pearls at the same online shop too (if you have the coin$).

Sweater Love: The Wildfox Shell Bra Sweater

Straight from warm California comes this holey sweater, which wasn’t made for cozy winter days: The “Shell bra sweater” from Wildfox, which rather reminds of stranded mermaids than of ski slopes. Completely ripped, in XXL oversize and embroidered with iridescent shells, the chaos-sweater offers a strange view. You can’t stay warm in it but playing Arielle you sure can. Who wants to spend money on expensive designer clothing usually doesn’t want to receive more holes than fabric though. You will have to think twice why you shouldn’t just put your old favourite sweater into the shredding machine for the “Wildfox look”. But despite (or because of) the destroyed look, the brand Wildfox became very popular and a variety of stars has been spotted wearing it. And if you still don’t want to do the same thing as those celebs and prefer wearing intact clothing, instead of wrapping yourself in knitted remains, remember: jeans only got cooler with the used look too.
You can buy the sweater at the Asos sale right now (here) but Zalando offers a big range of Wildfox rags too (here).

Chromat Crown For Dreaming Princesses

For all the highnesses out there who dare to fulfill their childhood dream and finally become princesses: The headdress from Chromat is just right for you! The unusual eye-catcher looks like some sort of sketch. You definitely need a lot of courage for pulling off that masterpiece (and blue blood, of course). The headband which will make your subjects kneel down in front of you is a design from the New Yorker Becca McCharen. The award-winning US-American uses corset boning to create sculpture-like cage garments, which are inspired from details in women’s lingerie and architecture. Stars like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Madonna already decorated themselves with the bulky art works, which seem to be made for impressive stage appearances. If you don’t want to tie a huge cage around your torso, you can simply start with your head. For crazy Headdresses, futuristic clothing, seductive underwear and weird tan lines causing swimwear visit

Summertime Naturetime : Wooden Sunglasses

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Fresh out of the deepest forest comes this summer trend: Shades with wood look! I have to admit that I have a real passion for collecting sunglasses. They all take up a corner in my room where they hang from three stretched cords and everybody who stops by is like “Woah girl, you’ve got a lot of sunglasses”. The sad part is, that it’s far too seldom sunny in Berlin. But besides this little tragic contradiction, I really enjoy picking the matching sunglasses for my outfits.
The next highlight to decorate my little shade gallery (and hopefully my face too from time to time) will probably be some wooden sunglasses. I want some of those quite a long a time. What immediately got me was the pristine but not hippie-like natural look. Even big city dwellers like me turn into children of nature with a pair of those. The ones you see here are all from Wood Fellas (and aren’t the regular glasses a cool idea too?) you can get them online here.

Tropical Jungle Adventures At Home

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There aren’t many rainforests filled with colourful birds and never before seen flowers to explore in Berlin. If you wanted to explore alleys smeared with graffiti or buzzing shopping streets Berlin would be the No1 choice though. But because jungles are more fun I built my very own one at home in just two easy steps: Asking my grandma if I could borrow her lion and putting it next to me. Tada!
And now, from my home-built DIY jungle, I’m presenting you two tropical outfits. One of them would surely acquire the acknowledgement of dear Donatella Versace.. if she was into 1€ second hand belts.

Hippie Hippie Yeah – 4 Looks For a Great Summer

Do you know what I like doing on a rainy summer day? Planning my next sunny summer days! While it was raining the last few days I thought about the festivals that I'll go to, which cities I'll visit, on which open airs I'll dance, which events I'll attend and of course: What clothes I'll wear!
So far I have:
Upcoming festivals: Fusion, “Plötzlich am Meer”, Nation of Gondwana. Upcoming city trips: Amsterdam next week. Upcoming events: "Grand white dinner" by a palace and a classical concert in a swimming pool. 
I am so looking forward to all of that! Now that we got that sorted, here come my top 4 summer looks, complete with matching swimwear for spontaneous jumps into the pool. I found all the clothes at Fashion ID (thanks to their kind support).