Oh Summer!

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Oh summer, where are you? We are desperately waiting for you here in Germany. Please stop teasing us by dropping in every week for a day or two and then leaving us in the arctic cold again. I was so happy when I could finally wear my paisley set from Motel – even though the next day it was already time for my ski-underwear again. But hey, better two warm days than none at all, right?

Sliced Throats Are No Accessories

Or are they? So far I only sported my blood choker on Halloween and it was suitable for the occasion. Now I used it to give my outfit some unusual edge, I didn’t want to make it look too elegant. And I guess sliced throats make everything a bit less elegant – but much more fun! If you now want to wear body liquids around your neck too – no need to hurt yourself, you can get it here on Ebay (They even sell monster blood and stitches – yeay). 

Plastic Fantastic

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If there’s a trend that I absolutely fell for, it’s PVC. PVC skirts, to be precise! There is just something about this high gloss doll-like look, but it’s definitely not for everyone. I just clumsily joined Polyvore (and accidentally posted collages twice on my blog without wanting it, sorry for the spam haha). Now I put together a collage of my favourite Barbie gear

Fashion Is A Playground For Grown-Ups

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This is the outfit I previously was wearing at the blogger workshop. The little girl in me wants to play: Not with monster toys and worms anymore (I was a weird kid) but with clothes! The wardrobe is my new playground where I can fool about as much as I like. I loved this colourful two-piece right from the start when I found it here. It looks so cute, childish and playful! It perfectly captures my attitude towards fashion: I want to have fun with it and I want to stick out.

AMD Blogger Workshop With Style.de

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There is no better reason to leave the pool and the palm trees behind than taking part in a cool workshop like this one: My university offers a variety of one-week-workshops as “spring academy”. When I saw that a blogger workshop was available I had to throw myself onto it. For four days Julia Zierer, who is blogging on style.de, showed us what it’s like to run a big blog, explained to us everything that is important for a successful blogger, taught us search engine optimization and how to create a media kit.  We were about 20 girls in the group, all of us bloggers or on their way to becoming one. It was extremely interesting for me to meet them, because – believe me or not – I don’t know any other bloggers personally. I was so curious about how they dealt with their online presence, meeting all these girls alone and seeing their work was already a great start.

Through Argentina In 3 Weeks

You didn’t read anything on here for roughly a month now, because I replaced my high heels with hiking boots and spent the last weeks exploring rainforests and walking endless miles on dusty hiking trails. I spontaneously joined my boyfriend and one of his friends on their trip to Buenos Aires, where my BF’s family lives in a nice house. I arrived with the most horrible flu I’ve ever had in my life and had to go straight to the hospital. From then on, it only got better, a lot better! Recovering goes a lot faster, when you’re doing it next to a pool, I found out. 

First we went all the way up to the great Iguazu falls, where we crossed the Brazilian border and walked through the rainforest surrounding the waterfalls. We met backpackers, we slept in a cheap hostel and we jumped in the hostel pool at night – it was great. I finally woke up the hippie/ backpacker inside of me that was sleeping there since I travelled through whole Australia with a campervan 2 years ago. I even wore the same simple outfit two days in a row.

Asymmetrical Leather Skirt² and Facebook Confusion

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I just changed my Facebook relationship status and was terrified how HUGE it appeared in everybody’s newsfeed – I thought it would be a subtle detail in my profile but Facebook seemed to find it necessary to more or less smack it everyone in the face. I tried clicking “reduce size” in my timeline, but it didn’t work. I gave in and clicked “delete”, but it still appeared in the newsfeed. Very very big.  The strangest people started liking my “In a relationship” status: people I haven’t spoken to in years, one of my exes and also a guy who recently had a crush on me. Someone who went to elementary school with me, who used to tease me (I still remember how he threw a dead snake into my face) and later surprisingly came out of the closet, commented on my status and said that my new boyfriend looked like a real sweetheart.

Red Lips At The AMD Show And Tell Graduate Event

My university (AMD  - Academy of Fashion&Design) organizes a fashion show each semester where all of the freshly graduated designers, journalists and managers present their graduation performance. It’s a cool event where students and fashion interested people gather. You can flip through the magazines each of the fashion journalists produced on their own, or take a look at the bachelor thesis papers the managers wrote at an elaborately decorated booth. That was especially exciting for me, because I will have to write one just like those in the foreseeable future. The highlight of the evening was the fashion show: Each of the design graduates presented the collection she or he has been working on for the last months. I knew one of the graduates and had helped another one with modeling, so I was especially excited how their work turned out. And the show was great! So much creativity and talent: Straitjackets and mental home inspired outfits, fashionable blood stains, newspaper prints plus matching newspaper frills and cagelike, body deforming cuts – I loved what they created and the fact that the collections were so diverse made it very entertaining. They played different versions of “Smells like teen spirit” throughout the show and I’m pretty sure it’s stuck in my head forever.

Hands Around My Neck

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I could nearly work at an office like this. Nearly. Like, from top to ankles. I really love how my wedges from Jeffrey Campbell dominate every look – it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing above, you’ll always look badass with those, even though it’s kind of a clash.
But what I like most about my outfit today is this hands collar. It’s such a cute detail! It reminds me a little of the surrealistic artists of the past – we are currently talking about this at my fashion history course at university. Dresses with drawers, a cup in fur or earrings that look like a bird’s nest in the outer ear… not the most practical things but those were fascinating moments in art history. And sometimes you just can’t distinguish art from fashion. I’m currently working on an assignment about the artist Meret Oppenheim, she created the cup and the earrings I mentioned, but is known for her surrealistic paintings and sculptures. As I did more and more research I really started liking her for not only her work, but also for her feminist, humorous and strong character and her interesting lifestyle. It’s funny how persons who aren’t even alive anymore live on in the things they accomplished and manage to draw you into their world. I bet she would have liked that collar!

Oh Boy!

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Equipped with shirt, pants, bowler and loafers this outfit probably is the most masculine one I ever put together. It’s so masculine I already feel my facial hair growing…… oh, sorry, wrong alert: there just fell a strand of hair in my face.

Is anyone of you sometimes looking for new wardrobe basics too and can’t exactly find them? It’s always the same: I want something plain and think that probably every shop sells it, but when I start searching for it I can’t find something that completely meets my taste. I lately had this problem when I was looking for black wedges and for plain black and white bandeau bras – you might think that are the easiest things to buy but they definitely aren’t. Now I was craving for a half black and half white blouse, thinking it would be easy to find. Hours of intense online research aka browsing every shop I know proved me wrong. Disappointed from all this fruitless effort I decided to check my mails. Just on that day the online shop “Persunmall” contacted me and offered me to pick something from their site. I was browsing their tops and guess what I found – the perfect black and white shirt! If that isn’t fate I don’t know what is. 
Big thanks to Persunmall at this point :) 
PersunMall.com Is A Fashion Clothing Online Store