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Not Your Average Cleavage

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There's more than one way to show cleavage since some clever girl invented the underboob. And the sideboob. I never meant to turn my cleavage upside down, because the cut-out was meant to fit below. I got the dress from the Asos Petite collection and I somehow underestimated the fact that I'm not petite. And then suddenly: Underboob. I just decided to go along with it, haha.

The Wizard Of Oz

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Usually I'm not the biggest fan of t-shirts with print but I guess that's about to change. Like it changed that I hated sneakers. Or that I hated kimonos. If my younger self could see me now... Anyway what I do am a fan of, a 100% fan, are these pants. They're like a skirt, just a lot cooler. They look effortlessly cool and that's wardrobe gold.


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I went to a homeparty like this and borrowed my mom's boyfriend's leather jacket. The intention was to combine something girly with something rougher looking. It was a birthday party and the host came up with some weird ideas like handing out playing cards to everyone so you could address people like that and write a secret note to, let's say, queen of spades. They would then show the message on a screen over the DJ. It didn't make any sense because there were more people at the party than there are cards in a set and every card appeared twice. Also, all the messages were something like "Nice ass bro" and I think the host thought it would turn out romantic, haha! Anyway, I kept my card: The joker. I'll sew it on the jacket (and never return it haha).

Fashion Nerd

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I used to be a bit of a nerd when I was younger, then I discovered fashion and turned into a fashion nerd. I study fashion magazines like schoolbooks, I would ace each test about current trends if there were any tests about current trends. This outfit is the personification of my new fashion student self. I can't wear it without winking - I guess my new nerdy glasses made me dress up like this. And please note: They have the same colour as my skirt. No A+ without attention to detail. Just kidding, was a coincidence.

Something Hidden: 2 Backless Dresses

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Backless dresses are a beautiful way to show some skin but there's one reason I hate wearing them: I have no clue what to do with my bra. You can either wear none and hope you're not going to freeze or you can wear one of those "invisible" ones with no or see-through straps. I've tried it all. See-through straps are nonsense, you're not gonna fool anyone with those. Bras without any support, basically just stick to your skin like chewingum and how comfortable does that sound? After lots of trying I came to the conclusion: Either wear a t-shirt under your backless dress or nothing at all. But right now the backless details are a secret to anyone anyways - it's still too cold to show them off.

10 Outfits I Couldn't Post

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Again.. I did it again. I have no idea how other bloggers manage to post each outfit seperately. That's so much effort! I'd rather show you what was up in my wardrobe before I went to Bangkok in one single big big post. Isn't that more interesting anyway?! Scroll down for grunge, Britney Spears, the wisdom of life and lies:

First Day At A New Job

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When you’re about to start a new job, the first day isn’t only exciting, it’s also important. You’re making an impression. I, for myself, am satisfied when I go home after a first day and didn’t make a complete fool of myself. Yeah, high goals I know. So far I’ve always been too stressed out and too excited each and every time I started somewhere new. I can’t quite control what’s coming out of my mouth in pure anxiety but what I can control is what I’m wearing while doing so. Something distracting is convenient. There isn’t THE first job outfit. When it comes to jobs in fashion though, pretty much anything goes as long as you look… well who could have guessed it… fashionable. I saw people in fashion offices looking like they were up for a night out at the club. But on your first day you should probably keep it down. I changed my outfit three times for my new job as a stylist. In the end, I wore the first one in the pictures, but with plain black pants because I got scared. They liked it.

10 Outfits I Didn't Post Last Month

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So little Time and so many things to wear - here is most of what I couldn't post last month. I dress different every day and this summary turned out quite colourful and eclectic. From horse girl to space chick, there isn't much I wouldn't wear.

Connect The Dots

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My new vintage bargain -  a super cute dotted silk blouse with pussy bow - turned out to be my friend's new carpet's soulmate. Who says you can't find anything good in IKEA's kids department? That's where they hide the fun stuff! Fluffy crown to top it off and tadaa I'm 7 again. Somehow I now want to play Twister.

RAW Horizons

A while ago we had a photography project at university about horizons. We were able to do with that topic whatever we liked. I thought about horizons in a city like Berlin, about perspectives in life and about how buildings, the city itself, are blocking your view. I’ve spent a few minutes wandering around the so called RAW-Gelände which is right at the Revaler Strasse– it’s known for its bars and night life. It’s one of the last alternative remains in the center of Berlin, full of graffiti, trash and empty beer bottles. A little bit dirt, a little bit of Berlin’s true heart. There you can find some clubs which have settled in the old, postindustrial buildings. This place has a certain spirit I tried to capture. Mostly I took pictures of fences. I wrote some oh so poetic text about amusement and decay and in that sense questioned my own life style to go along with it and got the best mark. I only used the pictures which show the buildings, not the ones with me in them.